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Digital Signs

Texas State Digital Signage

OnSign is the preferred digital sign software at Texas State. This all-in-one solution offers intuitive menus and simple wizards to guide users through a streamlined process of publishing content to multi-region layouts (slides) organized into campaigns. Creating a message is as simple as filling out a form, instructive prompts make importing media files a breeze, and calendar-based scheduling simplifies publishing. Sign editors with minimal design or technology experience can create engaging messages using the OnSign tools and easily import graphics and media from other sources like PowerPoint.


Digital sign displays are commercial grade displays that are designed to run 24x7. Departments can work with IT Business Services to purchase equipment after consultation with the Learning Spaces department.


The Learning Applications Solutions (LAS) department has created a standard image for use by computers in the digital signage environment. These players run Linux on a Chrome platform. The player computer is a small platform usually mounted directly behind the display and secured to the back with display brackets.


The Texas State partnership with OnSign ensures sign editors have a rich platform that supports the display of native PowerPoint files, standard graphics, movie files, web pages and RSS feeds, in addition to custom content created in the application itself. Creative design for the content and refreshing of the signage itself is provided by individual departments (sign owners). LAS offers training and support for the administration of the display and the use of the OnSign software application.