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Digital Sign Setup Process

OnSign is the university's digital signage solution. Learning Spaces works closely with the Mobile/Web Systems (MWS) Team to provide an easy setup process for users. Once this process is completed, MWS will provide continued application support, while Learning Spaces will be available to provide hardware assistance when required.

Please review the process overview below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Process Overview

1. Review Features

Take a look at our support site to view features offered through OnSign. Currently, this is the only digital signage option offered by the university.

3. Estimate Provided

An estimate is drawn up with the cost of equipment and required infrastructure (electrical, data drops). This doesn't include annual OnSign cost.

4. Estimate Approval

Your team will assess the proposal/estimate and determine approval.

5. Order is placed

Once approved, needed equipment is ordered.

6. Equipment is received

The Mobile/Web Team receives the ordered box for configuration, while Learning Spaces begins installation of the TV's and mounts.

7. Equipment is tested

Learning spaces will test the final setup to ensure everything is working properly.

9. Complete

Sign managers in the department request access for additional users to begin adding content.