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OnSign features a growing collection of apps that can be customized for individual signs. Editors have the ability to choose custom layouts and change options easily across their sign campaigns.

Featured apps include:

  • Clocks and counters
  • Famous quotes structured in multiple categories of interest and presenting author picture
  • Quiz and Trivia – organized by in multiple categories of interest
  • Upcoming Movies – localized for different world locations
  • Exchange rate – featuring over 150 worldwide currencies
  • Stock Exchange - Featuring multiple worldwide stock exchange markets
  • RSS New Feeds - multiple layouts for presenting title, article and images coming from any RSS source
  • Flight status – present arrival/departure and other flight info for any airport in the world
  • HDMI-input – connect an additional video source that can be integrated into your signage. (requires special hardware support)
  • Time to destination – select important landmarks close by and present real-time traffic information showing your audience how long it takes to get there either by car, bike or public transportation
  • Weather - use a wide variety of layouts to present weather info for any city in the world
  • Sports tables – Create and manage your sports table
  • QR code – Easily create QR codes for displaying with your signage content
  • Text tickers and scrollers
  • Video streaming – Connect RTP and HLS video streams to your screens
  • Audio streaming – Connect different audio streaming sources to your screens.