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Shared Content Repository

Sharing content within your department

Shared Department Folder

Upon being given access to OnSign, users will be added to their department group. This group has unique permissions which allow editors access to a shared department folder.

This folder will be located within the TXST Departments folder in the Content area (default screen).

Sharing content across the university

The Public Folder

All editors in OnSign have access to the Public folder located in the Content area. Files in this public folder can be organized as Campaigns, Content, or Playlists. This allows editors to utilize campaigns, playlists, apps and content shared by others in their campaigns and playlists. To share content in this folder, one simply has to drag or duplicate content into it. *We recommend duplicating content.

Digital Signs Group Email List

Communicate with other editors

We partner with digital sign owners to help departments communicate and share content across signs. Sign owners can opt into a group email list to learn more about other university services and activities relevant to their students, faculty and staff. List participants also have the added benefit of sharing their information as pre-built slides (e.g. - Powerpoint, JPEG, PNG), creating a shared repository for time-sensitive and location-based information.

Complete the Shared Content Email List form if you are interested in joining the discussion.