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An app is short for application. An app is a software program used from a browser or on a mobile device.

Apps usually have a single simple purpose. In the realm of digital signage, it is a small program that enables you to display dynamic content on your campaigns - such as time, weather, news from websites, videos from YouTube, and much more. 

How to add apps

Add Apps

  1. From your account, click Campaigns
  2. Create a new campaign or click on the campaign you want to add an app to
  3. From the bottom of the page, click New App. You will be directed to the app gallery
  4. Choose a category, and then make a selection. Once you complete the required fields, the app will appear in the library at the bottom of the screen
  5. Drag the app to the timeline to add it to the campaign
  6. To preview the app, click Preview
  7. If you are satisfied with the result, click Save and Publish

How to use Clock apps

Clock Apps

  1. From your account, click Content
  2. Click New App. A pop-up window will be displayed on your screen
  3. The clock category is automatically displayed, but you can also find it in the left menu if necessary. Select the model you prefer:
    • Small clock apps: These apps are great as they don’t need to occupy the whole screen. You can just set them to a small screen zone and let the focus rely on the main content. They are available in round and square layout. If you want something more modern looking, we offer a digital style clock. The same style is available in another app meant for thin bars on the screen. There is also a holiday theme for Christmas time
    • Multi-city clocks: There are two sets of multi-city clocks. Set three different cities and keep aware of your international clients and coworkers’ timezone
    • Countdown and time elapse: Begin the countdown to holidays and events with the countdown app. The time elapsed tool, on the other hand, keeps track of how long has passed since an event occurred - such as an accident or the last time a client had complained
  4. As you select an app, you will be requested to adjust the settings. Besides the basic information, such as app name and location, you are able to customize color, dial numeric system and background. The settings vary for each clock - while some are entirely customizable, other will only allow few color changes
  5. Click on Preview to review your changes
  6. If you are satisfied, click Save. The app is now in your library and ready for use

how to display live tv

Displaying Live TV

  1. From your account, click Content
  2. Click New App. A pop-up window will be displayed on your screen
  3. Click Other
  4. Select  HDMI Input.
    • Note: If you do not see this option, it may need to be enabled in your account.
  5. Name the app and select the HDMI input ( this is important if your media player has more than one input).
  6. Click Save to complete your work

how to display rss feeds

Displaying RSS Feeds

  1. From your account, click Content
  2. Click New App. A pop-up window will be displayed on your screen
  3. Click News and RSS Feeds
  4. Select an RSS option, and then complete the settings for the app:
    • All apps require basic information, such as name, display duration of each post and the RSS URL. You can find RSS URL on your chosen website. Write on google the site name plus “RSS” and you will probably find what you need. 
    • Most new websites offer different RSS according to the site’s categories (i.e. economy, local, entertainment, etc.). Check New York Times’ RSS list, for example. Select a category and then copy the URL. We have used the US Home Page RSS for this tutorial.
    • All other settings are related to the apps' look, such as color, font and size preferences. Each app will allow different degrees of customization.
  5. Click Preview to view the changes
  6. Click Save to add the app to your library

To display RSS Video Feeds:

  1. From your account, click Content
  2. Click New App
  3. Click News & RSS Feeds
  4. Click Media RSS and complete the following fields:
    • Name the app.
    • Paste the video RSS feed URL. You can find RSS video feeds on television broadcasters, newspapers and RSS services websites.
    • Check the display only media currently on the feed box.
  5. Click Save

Displaying Stream Videos

Displaying Stream Videos

  1. From your account, click Content
  2. Click New App. A pop-up window will be displayed on your screen
  3. Select Web and Media
  4. Select Stream Video Link and complete the following fields:
    • Name: Write down something that will make you recall easily what the streaming video is about. This is how you are going to locate this app in the system to add it to a campaign.
    • URL: This app support RTLS and HLS streaming format.
      • Note: HLS feeds are more robust.
    • Interval: To avoid a black screen or app crashing, increase the value on this feed.
      • Note: Increasing the interval will consume more bandwidth.
    • If you want to disable intervals option, leave the setting as 0.
  5. Click Save to complete your work

how to embed a website

Embedding A Website

  1. From your account, click Content
  2. Click New App. A pop-up window will be displayed on your screen
  3. Select Web and Media
  4. Select Website Link
  5. Give your App a name. This is how you will find and refer your App in the system
  6. Paste the target website link in the URL field.
  7. Click Save

Embedding YouTube Content

Embedding YouTube Content

  1. From your account, click Content
  2. Click New App. A pop-up window will be displayed on your screen
  3. Select Social Networks
  4. Click YouTube Video
  5. Complete the settings for the app:
    • Give the app an name, so you will find it easily when creating a new campaign.
    • Insert the URL from the video. There are three display options: single video, playlist and channel. Make sure you copy the right URL for each category.
    • Choose the video quality
  6. Click on Preview to verify you have inserted the correct URL and the video plays back correctly
  7. Click Save

How to use Finance Apps

Finance Apps

  1. From your account, click Content
  2. Click New App. A pop-up window will be displayed on your screen
  3. Select Finance, then choose an app from the category:
    • Single exchange rate:  Select the base currency and the currency exchange rate you want to display.
    • Multicurrency exchange rate: This application displays as many exchange currencies as you wish in slideshow with a transition effect. The currency abbreviation is written on the left, then comes the price in the base currency and the daily variation. It is perfect for bar areas on your screen.
    • Seven day variation currency: Exhibit a short seven day history graph along the current currency exchange rate. This app displays also the daily and weekly variation in percentage. The graph adapts to different screen zones, so feel free to place it where it fits best.
  4. Select the currencies and color scheme in the app’s settings, and then click Save.
  5. The custom app is saved in your App library and ready to be set to campaigns

how to use media cycling

Media Cycling

  1. From your account, click Content
  2. Click New App. A pop-up window will be displayed on your screen
  3. Select Web and Media
  4. Click Media Cycling App
  5. Name the app and insert the media files’ name you have already uploaded to your account. Once you place the cursor on the text field, a list with all media available will be shown
  6. Select the items you want to cycle within the campaign
  7. Save the app by clicking on the orange button below the campaign
  8. Place the app on your timeline and adjust the length
    • Note: If you have added a video file to the media cycling app, it will be played back for as long as you have set it on the timeline.
  9. Click Save to complete your work

Meeting Room Apps

Meeting Room Apps

  1. From your account, click on the Content tab
  2. Click +Add App
  3. Select Meeting Room and Calendar
  4. Select Meeting room app and complete the following fields:
    • Name App: This is the name you will use to reference the meeting room when creating campaigns. It is for your own reference, so name it something you can easily recall.
    • Web address of iCal: This app will synchronize according to the events schedule in a calendar. Use your calendar app and export it as an iCal file.
    • Room name: This is the main title to be displayed on the screen.
    • Sync time: Define in which frequency, in minutes, the app will look for new events updates.
    • Calendar timeout: If you device goes offline, you can set a time in minutes in which the room calendar will be shown as invalid. This is meant to warn people there might be updates, but they are not displayed on the screen, hence avoiding inconveniences.
  5. Set up the icon layout according to your preference
  6. Click Preview the review your work
  7. Make changes if necessary, and then click Save to complete your work

How to add a QR code

QR Codes

  1. From your account, click Content
  2. Click New App. A pop-up window will be displayed on your screen
  3. Select Text and Scrollers
  4. Click QR Code and complete the following info:
    • App name: Just name the app in order to save it. It won’t appear on your campaign, but only within your Onsign TV account.
    • Background color: Color around the QR code. The code itself will be always black and white. You can also opt to set a transparent background by marking the item below.
    • Text to be encoded to QR Code: Type the content you want to trigger on the cellphone. It can be either a text or a URL to a page, image or video.
  5. Click Save to complete your work

Quiz and Trivia Apps

Quiz and Trivia Apps

  1. From your account, click on the Content tab
  2. Click +Add App
  3. Select Entertainment
  4. Select Quiz and Trivia
  5. Enter your preferences for each of the following fields:
    • App name: Write down a name you will quickly remind so searching it later on will be easier.
    • Title: This name will be displayed above the main question, on the top of the screen.
    • Show each question for (seconds): Define how long the count down displayed on the top of the screen will last.
    • Show answer for (secondsfca): Adjust how long the right answer will be highlighted.
    • Category: Pick the category that interest the most your audience. Choose between 22 different topics or display questions from all of them in random order.
  6. After you have adjusted the app basic settings, you can adjust the layout to fit your brand or the surrounding content on the screen.Options include:
    • Background image: You can select the default background for each category, or add your own image. Select a color on Background color to leave a solid background.
    • Animations: You can enable animation on the background image or let it static. The question and answer animation effects are also optional.
    • Text: Pick the font you want, change the color and also the quiz title color (Quiz Color).
    • Color: Change the header and answers' alternatives background color.
  7. Click Preview to see the layout modifications
  8. Modify any aspects you think you need to change, and then click Save to complete your edits

Setting Movie Apps

Setting Movie Apps

  1. From your account, click on the Content tab
  2. Click +Add App
  3. Select Entertainment
  4. Click Upcoming movies
  5. Complete the selection and customize your layout. Options include:
    • Select videos displayed and set sequence (if multiple videos are selected).
    • Choose playback time for each video (in seconds).
    • Set country.
    • Customize font (e.g. - type, color and background image.
    • Apply animation to the background and set transitions.
  6. Click Preview to view your work
  7. Click Save to complete your changes

How to link Social Media

Social Media

  1. From your account, click Content
  2. Click New App. A pop-up window will be displayed on your screen
  3. Select Social Networks
    • YouTube:  Besides naming an app, you only need to copy the URL from the YouTube video you wish to display. You can also paste a channel or playlist link so the videos are displayed in loop. Set the video quality or let YouTube choose the quality based on your internet connection.
      • This app is commonly used fullscreen, but it also fits smaller screen zones. Try to keep the same proportions of the video, otherwise there will be black bars around the image depending on the screen area size is set.
    • Instagram: This social network is a good way of sharing photos without the need of uploading them. You just need to integrate your Instagram account. Do that by clicking on the indicated link on the app’s setting. It will redirect you to the Instagram website. Fill in your username and password and it will be automatically linked to your digital sign account.
      • There are two apps for Instagram. One of them allows you to display up to the 20 newest posts. You can adjust the playback duration of each photo. The other app organizes the posts on a grid. Set how many photos you want to display simultaneously. You can either display your own feed photos or the pictures from other users you liked.
    • Facebook: Advertise content your department has been posting on Facebook and get more Likes on your page. With this app, you can display public posts without limit from any Facebook page. Set whether you prefer highlighting the image or leaving more space to text. There is also animated transition between posts. Adjust the time length of each post.
  4. When you have finished adjusting all settings, click on Save. Any time you create a campaign, the app will be displayed on your library.

How to use sports apps

Sports Apps

  1. From your account, click Content
  2. Click New App. A pop-up window will be displayed on your screen
  3. Select Sports
    • Match score: List up to four scores of your favorite sport matches! Ideal for soccer, handball and basketball. Similar to the directory list, you must use comma to separate the score of each match. Write “Avalon, 1, Camelot, 0” and it will be automatically set in the table as “Avalon 1 - 0 Camelot”. There are preset backgrounds of popular sports, but feel free to add your own image.
    • League table: Let your audience be aware of their teams latest developments in the league. Set up to five groups and show how many matches they won or lost. Write the information of each line in the following sequence: position,team,matches played,wins,draws,losses,goals for,goals against,goals difference,points. Remember to use this exact formatting: don’t place space between the commas and the data, or else nothing will appear on the app as you save it.
  4. Preview the outcome. If you are glad and the data is precisely set, hit Save. The app will be placed in your App library for use in future campaigns

Stock Exchange Apps

Stock Exchange Apps

  1. From your account, click on the Content tab
  2. Click +Add App
  3. Fom the pop-up window, select Finance
  4. Select one of the following layouts:
    • Stock Exchange Quote: Display a single stock information. This app exhibits stock variation, open price, previous close price, range and average volume.
    • Multiple Stock Exchange: Display several stock or index information from your portfolio in a table format.
    • Stock Exchange Scroller: Show multiple stock quotes in a scrolling bar. This app displays stock name, symbol and variation
  5. Complete the following info:
    • App name: You won't be able to save the app unless you name it. This is how you going to look it up later on on your App Library.
    • Stock or Index Symbol: Write down the stock symbol you want to display. You can look out for stocks in

      * If you chose the Stock Exchange Scroller, add several symbols by writing each followed by a comma (,) and no spacing. Example: googl,imb,ge,ko

    • Scroller options (for Stock Exchange Scroller only): Choose whether you want to display the stock name or only the symbol.
    • Variation: Select percentage or absolute variation.
    • These fields allow you to customize your app so it matches your campaign, such as changing the background and font.
  6. Click Preview to see your changes
  7. Click Save to complete your work

Text and scroller apps

Text and Scroller Apps

Text and scroller apps are ideal for writing short notes, news, official communicates and advertise events while displaying other medias

  1. From your account, click Content
  2. Click New App. A pop-up window will be displayed on your screen
  3. Select Text and Scrollers
    • Directory list: This app allows you to organize information in rows and columns. This is good for designing timetables and data. Write the information in the text editor. Note that each new line is a row and commas separates columns. The column height does not change, so write up to five lines to display the whole data on the screen area. If you need more lines, create another directory list app and continue from the line you stopped. The rows are unlimited, but the text might get cluttered, especially if you use long words or sentences in each column.
    • QR Code: Invite your audience to discover more information on their mobile, right from your screen! QR Codes make calls to action much more effective by indicating the direction straight to a website URL. Using this powerful feature is quite easy. You just need to paste the URL or message you want to display on the app settings.
    • Rich Text Widget: The main feature of this app is being totally customizable! Change background and font color, font size, line height, alignment and page margin. You can apply different settings to specific text parts separately.
      • The app is perfect for full size use, but it is highly adaptable to any screen area. Just remind checking the Auto-fit text size, so that the whole content is adjusted to the new area. Always preview the app and test the campaign in a single device before launching it to your whole digital signage operation.
    • Vertical Text Ticker and Horizontal Text Tickers/Scrollers: Sentences roll in these apps. To separate the pieces of text, just begin a new line at the text editor in app settings. You can also opt for applying text transition fade instead. The speed of animation is adjustable.
      • Keep in mind the size of your screen when using fade animation. The longer the sentence, the smaller the font

Time To Destination App

Time To Destination App

  1. From your account, click Content
  2. Click New App
  3. Click Other
  4. Select Time to Destination and complete the form according to your preferences:
    • Name: This is how the app is going to be stored on your account. Give it a name that will serve for your own reference when looking for it on OnSign TV account.
    • Origin: Write down the screen location.
    • Destination: You can add up to four destinations.
    • Destination Label: Define how you want to identify the destination on the screen. 
  5. Select at least one of the means of transportation you wish to provide estimated travel for. Available options are: car, bicycle and public transportation
  6. Customize the app according to your preference (e.g. - match other signage content). Customizable fields include font type, color and show, background image and color, and animations

Transparent Backgrounds

Transparent Backgrounds

  1. Create or edit an image in your preferred photo editor and save it as a .PNG file
  2. From your account, click Campaign and create or edit a campaign
  3. Click on Add Custom Layout
  4. Add the screen divisions that will support your content, such as apps and files
  5. Upload the PNG fil,e and then drag it to the overlapping zone’s timeline ruler
  6. Finish editing your campaign
    1. Note: The transparency won’t be visible in the Preview mode. Instead, the transparent area will be shown on black.
  7. Click Save and Publish

How to use weather apps

Weather Apps

  1. From your account, click Content
  2. Click New App. A pop-up window will be displayed on your screen
  3. Click Weather and choose one of the available apps
    • Small screen zone apps: These apps are ideal for being placed at the corners of the screen, leaving most of the space available for other content. Small weather app displays three day weather forecast in slideshow. Modern weather forecast app highlights the current temperature and below it next three days forecast in a row

    • Bar weather apps: This style of weather apps are meant to be placed in a thin area on the screen. There are two layouts of horizontal bar

    • Full size: These apps are visibly better for the whole screen. The Classic Weather Forecast shows current condition and three days forecast. There is another layout available for multi-day or multi-city forecast

  4. Fill the settings for the chosen app, like locations and temperature unit
  5. Once you are done, click on Preview to see how it looks
  6. If the result is what you wanted, click Save. Now the app is saved into your App library so you can use it in any campaign you create