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Publish Campaigns for a Specific Time Period

  1. From your account, click Campaigns then Playlist
  2. Click the Publish button under the targeted playlist
  3. Select the player(s) you would like to set a specific playback period for from under Published to these players
  4. Under When It Can Be Played, click During a Period of Time
  5. Adjust the following settings:
    • Days of the week, from Sunday to Saturday
    • Specific time in hours and minutes
    • Check if the campaign should be played exactly the minute it was set, interrupting the previous campaign. Leave this field unchecked if you wish the time set campaign to play right after the campaign
    • Day, month, and year it will begin and finish playing. You can also leave the field blank, which will configure the campaign to start today without a finishing date
  6. Click Publish when you are finished making your selections